Beginners Page

Take advantage of our 2 free lessons, to come along and try JKA karate with no commitment, and see if its what you are looking for.

Wear loose fitting clothes and shoes/socks that you can easily remove, as we train in bare feet, and don’t forget the water bottle!  If you decide to join we can guide you in what type of Dogi to purchase.

As a new member you will soon learn that karate will feel unnatural – This is normal and your instructors and senior students will know this.  Don’t be concerned that your “not getting it right”.  Even our head instructor felt karate was unnatural the first time he did it!

We will always welcome students from other styles.

JKA karate is not always for everyone, and we understand that.  We pride ourselves on maintaining the true teachings as they have been handed down from generation to generation, and hope to continue that tradition into the future.  We want karate to be retained in its pure form.

The Japan Karate Association is one of the largest karate organisations in the world, and all our instructors are accredited by JKA.  This means we have set rules for what and how we teach, and our grading requirements are the same here at the Wonga Park Dojo as they are in the Headquarters Dojo in Japan.