Our children’s classes are shorter than the senior class (and more fun!), and are generally for kids 6 –  12 years of age.

We really want the kids to have fun in our classes, so that they enjoy their time at the dojo and want to keep coming back.  To achieve this, we mix our kihon, kumite and kata with some small games and activities, however the focus will always be for your child to learn karate – not games.

We can’t treat children the same way we do adults, as they are both physically and mentally different, with shorter attention spans.  At the younger age, our classes aim to teach not only karate techniques, but to also develop listening skills, co-ordination and respect for others.

Karate is a great fun way for kids to engage in physical and group activity without the pressure of competition.  It helps to build confidence, self esteem and respect with formal etiquette a constant ritual in class.