New Shodan’s!


It has been a great few months for JKA Wonga Park with two new black belts!

Asuka and Eriko have both recently obtained their rank of Shodan (black belt) for which they have both worked extremely hard.  I am so very proud of both of them for their dedication and hard work.

It is quite often at the 1st kyu level (brown belt) that a lot of karate students will quit, which is what makes this one of the hardest times in your karate journey.  White belts are able to see their progress quite easily, they are learning something new each time they attend a class, whereas the brown belt student will be learning to refine their techniques, and increase power and kime.  To see your progress as a brown belt is much more difficult than as a white belt, and this can be frustrating for some.  As an instructor its easy to see the progress in all my students, however for the student it is much more difficult and requires a great deal of focus and dedication to make just the smallest of gains.

So well done once again to Asuka and Eriko, you have made me a very proud instructor!



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