A black belt is just a white belt
that never quit…

At JKA Karate Wonga Park we teach a traditional form of Karate. With separate kids and adults karate classes, we cater to beginners and advanced students alike.

Come and train in a friendly and welcoming environment. Enjoy the benefits of increased self confidence and the sense of achievement that comes with the hard work of learning karate.

With separate kids and adults classes our training is always tailored to the individual. Kids will learn respect for both themselves and towards others, while still having fun.

We are a traditional and original karate, based on the Shotokan style. The JKA prides itself on being the keepers of karate’s highest traditions. We are a “Budo” style of karate, not a “Sport” style of karate.

Our Karate classes are held twice a week, Wonga Park on Tuesday Night with separate kids and adults classes, and Croydon Hills on Friday Nights for adults only (13+). Come along and watch a class, or join in and try two free lessons. Beginners are always welcome and you can join at any time.