Our Organisation

We teach traditional Shotokan karate at both Croydon Hills and Wonga Park locations as part of the Japan Karate Association Australia (JKAA). The Japan Karate Association (JKA) HQ is based in Tokyo, Japan, and is one of the largest karate organizations in the world, with branches in almost every country. All instructors are qualified with the JKA and have working with children checks. The JKAA has branches throughout Australia, with each dojo an individual run and managed dojo, while following the rules and constitution of the JKAA.

Our Style

We teach a style of karate called Shotokan, an original and traditional form of karate, as taught by Gichin FUNAKOSHI Sensei, the founder of modern karate. We are not an MMA or a sport style, but rather a traditional form of karate, which is based on the principal of “Budo”. Within any karate style, there are usually two streams – Budo karate and Sport karate. The aim of sport karate is to win points in competitions. Budo karate has the main purpose of self defense and personal development. While sport karate does have traditional elements, it has been modified for competition over the years, where the visual performance and display is often more important than the actual meaning. Budo karate on the other hand, while it certainly does have competitions, focuses more on the tradition, self defense and encourages the student to develop a deeper understanding of their karate. Both have their place, and depending on what you are looking for, you will generally be more attracted to one stream than the other.

Our Instructors

The head instructor Tony Dent is a qualified Instructor, Judge and Examiner, and holds a 3rd Dan with JKA HQ. He has current working with children check, level 2 first aid, and studies sport and exercise science in addition to a full time job. Tony studied under Nishimura Shihan until his passing on the 12th of October 2021.

The Chief Instructor of the JKAA was Takaatsu Nishimura Shihan, who dedicated his life to studying and teaching karate. He held a 7th Dan, and was part of the JKA Shihan-kai, which is a small group of the most respected and knowledgeable instructors within the JKA.